Unlocking Opportunities: Exploring the 188 Visa – Your Gateway to Working in Australia

Yes, it is possible to work with a 188 visa. The 188 visa is a type of visa available in Australia for individuals who are interested in conducting business or investing in the country.

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Yes, it is possible to work with a 188 visa. The 188 visa is a type of visa available in Australia for individuals who are interested in conducting business or investing in the country. This visa is part of the Business Innovation and Investment Program, which aims to attract talented entrepreneurs and investors to contribute to the Australian economy.

To provide a more detailed answer, it is important to understand the different streams available within the 188 visa category. There are four main streams: Business Innovation, Investor, Significant Investor, and Premium Investor. Each stream has specific requirements and benefits, allowing individuals to choose the one that aligns best with their business or investment goals.

  • The Business Innovation stream is for individuals who want to establish, develop, or manage a new or existing business in Australia. This stream requires the nomination of a state or territory government and has various eligibility criteria such as age, business experience, and a minimum financial turnover.

  • The Investor stream is for individuals who are willing to make a designated investment of at least AUD 1.5 million in an Australian state or territory. This stream also requires the nomination of a state or territory government and has additional requirements like a minimum net assets and business/investment experience.

  • The Significant Investor stream is designed for those who are willing to invest at least AUD 5 million into complying investments in Australia. This stream provides more flexibility in terms of residence requirements and allows a pathway to permanent residency.

  • The Premium Investor stream is the highest level of investment for those willing to invest at least AUD 15 million into complying premium investments in Australia. This stream offers a faster pathway to permanent residency and a dedicated support network for the applicant.

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In terms of famous quotes related to visa and work, Steve Jobs once said, “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” This quote reminds us of the importance of choosing a career path or investment venture that aligns with our passion and aspirations.

Interesting Facts about the 188 Visa:

  1. The 188 visa is a temporary visa that provides a pathway to permanent residency through the 888 visa after meeting certain requirements.
  2. Australia has one of the most attractive business migration programs in the world, attracting individuals with innovative business ideas and substantial investment capabilities.
  3. Apart from the initial investment, the 188 visa also requires applicants to meet health and character requirements.
  4. The 188 visa provides access to various benefits such as healthcare services, education, and social security benefits, similar to Australian citizens or permanent residents.
  5. The visa holders are allowed to bring their family members to Australia, providing opportunities for their spouses and dependent children to work and study in the country as well.


Visa Stream Investment Requirement Permanent Residency Pathway
Business Innovation Varies by State/Territory Yes, through 888 visa
Investor AUD 1.5 million Yes, through 888 visa
Significant Investor AUD 5 million Yes, after holding visa 188A for 4 years
Premium Investor AUD 15 million Yes, after holding visa 188B for 12 months

In conclusion, the 188 visa provides an opportunity for individuals to work, conduct business, and invest in Australia. With various streams to choose from, each catering to specific business or investment goals, the visa opens doors to the vibrant Australian market. As the renowned American businessman Warren Buffett once said, “Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble.” Australia’s Business Innovation and Investment Program presents a bucket of opportunities for those seeking to make a significant contribution to the Australian economy and work towards their personal and professional aspirations.

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The Australian business, investor, and entrepreneur visa programs have been recently closed, disappointing many potential applicants and the business community. The closure of the 188 Visa, which is for those who want to start or invest in a business in Australia, will have significant consequences, as no more places have been allocated for these visas until June 2023. The decision may have been influenced by a paper suggesting that business migrants pay less tax than skilled workers, but it overlooks the income and other benefits brought by 188 Visa holders. Potential applicants will need to explore alternative visa options, but many may not meet the requirements. Staying informed is essential, and viewers are encouraged to subscribe to the channel for future updates on Australian business innovation visas.

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The subclass 188 Business Innovation and Investment visa is a temporary residence visa that allows overseas business migrants to stay in Australia for up to five years. Once you have been granted your visa 188, you will be allowed to start a business and/or conduct investment activity in Australia.

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