Unveiling the Truth: Can Your Sponsor Really Cancel Your Green Card? Must-Know Facts!

No, your sponsor cannot directly cancel your green card. However, if they withdraw their sponsorship or fail to meet their obligations, it may lead to the cancellation of your green card through a legal process.

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Your sponsor cannot directly cancel your green card. However, certain circumstances or actions on the part of the sponsor may lead to the cancellation of your green card through a legal process. It’s important to understand the responsibilities and obligations of both the sponsor and the immigrant in order to maintain a valid green card status.

When a sponsor petitions for an immigrant’s green card, they assume a financial and legal responsibility for that individual. This is often seen in the context of family-based immigration or employment-based immigration where an employer sponsors an employee. If the sponsor fails to fulfill their obligations by withdrawing their sponsorship or not meeting the required conditions, it can potentially have an impact on the immigrant’s green card status.

The process of canceling a green card due to a sponsor’s actions typically involves a legal proceeding before an immigration judge. The judge will assess the circumstances and determine whether the sponsorship obligations were met. If it is found that the sponsor has failed to fulfill their obligations, the judge may terminate the green card status.

It’s important to note that the cancellation of a green card due to a sponsor’s actions is not automatic. The burden of proof lies with the government to demonstrate that the sponsor violated their obligations. The immigrant is also given the opportunity to present their case and defend their green card status.

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In discussing the responsibilities of sponsors and immigrants, it is useful to quote President Ronald Reagan, who said, “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”

Here are some interesting facts about sponsorship and green cards:

  1. Sponsors for family-based immigration must meet certain income requirements to demonstrate their ability to financially support the immigrant.
  2. Employment-based green cards often require a labor certification process where the employer must show that there are no qualified U.S. workers available for the position.
  3. Sponsors are responsible for supporting the immigrant financially and ensuring they do not become a public charge.
  4. Sponsors are legally bound to notify the government if the sponsored immigrant changes their address or if certain other events occur.
  5. If a sponsor becomes unable to financially support the immigrant, the immigrant may apply for a waiver to seek alternative means of support.

To provide a clear overview of the obligations and potential consequences of a sponsor’s actions, here is a table summarizing key points:

Responsibility of Sponsor Consequences for Immigrant’s Green Card
Financial support Lack of financial support may lead to cancellation through legal process
Notification of address Failure to notify change of address may complicate immigration proceedings
Compliance with obligations Failure to meet obligations may result in termination of green card status
Providing required documentation Insufficient documentation may cause delays or complications in immigration processes
Acting in best interests of immigrant Sponsors should act responsibly to ensure the immigrant’s well-being and adherence to immigration laws

Remember, while sponsorship plays an important role in obtaining and maintaining a green card, the actions of a sponsor alone cannot directly cancel your green card. It is essential to understand your rights and responsibilities as an immigrant to navigate the immigration process effectively.

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In this video, an attorney explains the process of terminating immigration sponsorship. It is clarified that sponsorship can only be terminated before the foreign national achieves residency status, as once the immigrant visa or adjustment of status is granted, the affidavit of support becomes enforceable and cannot be withdrawn. To withdraw sponsorship before approval, a written request must be made to the adjudicating officer in a timely manner, sending it to both the service center and field office to ensure it reaches the right officer. After residency status is conferred, the affidavit becomes an enforceable contract, and the sponsor must be prepared to handle any claims made by the beneficiary.

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Once the visa is issued, it cannot be revoked. Sponsors can cancel their sponsorship by sending a written request to the USCIS, but this rarely happens. To withdraw an application that has not been processed, sponsors must send a letter to the USCIS office and include a copy of their receipt notice.

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