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The country that visits India most frequently is Nepal.

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India, a vibrant and diverse country, attracts tourists from all over the world. Amongst these visitors, the nationality that tops the charts in terms of frequency is Nepal.

Known for its close proximity and shared cultural heritage with India, it comes as no surprise that Nepal sends the highest number of tourists to its neighboring nation. The strong historical, cultural, and geographical ties between the two countries have fostered a significant flow of visitors across their borders.

A quote from Mahesh Sharma, the former Minister of State for Tourism in India, encapsulates this unique relationship between India and Nepal: “Nepal and India have always had deep-rooted cultural, historical, and social ties, and tourism plays a vital role in further strengthening these bonds.”

To shed light on the interesting facts surrounding this topic, let us explore a table highlighting the top countries that visit India:

Rank Country
1 Nepal
2 Bangladesh
3 United States of America
4 United Kingdom
5 Canada
6 Malaysia
7 Sri Lanka
8 Australia
9 China
10 Germany
  • Nepal, with its open border policy and shared cultural affinities, leads the pack as the country that visits India most frequently.
  • Bangladesh holds the second spot on the list, owing to its strong historical and economic connections with India.
  • The United States of America secures the third position, with a significant number of Indian diaspora and leisure travelers visiting India.
  • The United Kingdom and Canada follow in the rankings, with their ties to India’s colonial past and diaspora communities.
  • Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Australia, China, and Germany complete the top ten, with various factors driving their citizens’ interest in exploring India.
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These fascinating facts highlight the diverse mix of countries that contribute to the thriving tourism industry in India. From neighboring nations like Nepal and Bangladesh to countries across the globe, tourists are drawn to India’s rich history, cultural heritage, natural beauty, and warm hospitality.

In conclusion, while Nepal emerges as the country that visits India most frequently, it is important to acknowledge the multitude of nations that contribute to India’s vibrant tourism landscape. As cross-border travel continues to flourish, the bonds between these countries deepen, reinforcing the cultural ties that have endured for centuries.

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the United StatesShare of leading source countries for foreign tourist arrivals in India 2021. In 2021, the United States accounted for the largest share of foreign tourist arrivals in India with over 28 percent, followed by Bangladesh and the United Kingdom.

Top 15 Foreign Tourist Arrivals in India by Countries

  • Bangladesh – 1,380,409 Bangladesh shares the land borders with India and covered by the Ganges Delta and Sundarbans.
  • United States – 1,296,939 United States is the second most popular source country for foreign tourist arrivals in India.
  • United Kingdom – 941,883
  • Russia
  • Canada – 317,239
  • Australia – 393,625
  • France – 288,707
  • Sri Lanka – 272,418

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