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Yes, I can work with a TN visa.

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Yes, I am able to work with a TN visa. The TN visa is a non-immigrant visa category that allows citizens of Canada and Mexico to work temporarily in the United States. It was created as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and is designed to facilitate cross-border employment for certain professionals.

To qualify for a TN visa, individuals must meet specific criteria related to their profession. There is a predefined list of eligible professions that includes occupations such as engineers, scientists, teachers, lawyers, accountants, and healthcare professionals. Each profession has its own set of requirements, including educational qualifications and experience.

Once approved, the TN visa allows individuals to work for a U.S. employer for a specific period of time, usually up to three years, with the possibility of extensions. It is important to note that the TN visa is employer-specific, meaning it is tied to a particular job and employer. If an individual wishes to change employers or job roles, they must apply for a new TN visa.

Here are some interesting facts about the TN visa:

  1. The TN visa was created as part of NAFTA, which was signed into law in 1994. It aimed to promote trade and economic cooperation between the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  2. Unlike other work visas, the TN visa does not require a labor certification process, making it a quicker and more streamlined option for eligible professionals.
  3. The TN visa is only available to citizens of Canada and Mexico. It is not open to nationals of other countries.
  4. The TN visa allows for multiple entries into the United States, meaning individuals can travel back and forth between their home country and the U.S. throughout the duration of their visa.
  5. Dependents, such as spouses and children, of TN visa holders can apply for a TD visa to accompany the primary visa holder to the United States.

In the words of Albert Einstein, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” This quote emphasizes the importance of practical experience in professions, which is often a crucial factor in qualifying for a TN visa. Table below provides an overview of the TN visa application process:

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Step Description
Research Eligibility Check if your profession is on the list of eligible occupations for the TN visa.
Prepare Documents Gather necessary documents such as educational certificates, employment letters, and resume.
Secure Employment Offer Obtain a job offer from a U.S. employer in the eligible field.
Submit Application Complete and submit the required forms and supporting documents to the appropriate authorities.
Attend Visa Interview Schedule and attend a visa interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate in Canada or Mexico.
Receive TN Visa If approved, receive the TN visa stamp on your passport.

In conclusion, the TN visa provides professionals from Canada and Mexico with an opportunity to work temporarily in the United States. By meeting the specific requirements for their profession and securing a job offer, individuals can pursue their careers in a different country, contributing to cross-border trade and cooperation.

(Note: The information provided above is general in nature and may not be up to date. It is advisable to consult official government websites or seek professional advice for the most accurate and current information regarding the TN visa.)

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The YouTuber discusses the TN visa, also known as the NAFTA Professional visa, which allows Canadian citizens an easier path to work in the US. The video compares the TN visa to the H-1B visa, highlighting advantages such as no annual cap, the ability to apply at any time, and lower application fees. However, the TN visa is a non-immigrant visa and pursuing a green card may affect approval chances. The video also mentions the limited number of eligible occupations and potential scrutiny in the renewal process. Overall, the TN visa provides an alternative option for Canadian citizens looking to work in the US.

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The nonimmigrant NAFTA Professional (TN) visa allows citizens of Canada and Mexico, as NAFTA professionals, to work in the United States in prearranged business activities for U.S. or foreign employers.

The TN nonimmigrant classification permits qualified Canadian and Mexican citizens to seek temporary entry into the United States to engage in business activities at a professional level.

The TN Visa, granted as part of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) – the successor to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), provides work authorization to Canadian (TN-1) and Mexican citizens (TN-2).

TN status allows Canadian and Mexican citizens to come to the United States to work in certain specialty occupations. But as an employer, the process can be daunting. Who is eligible, where do you submit your application, and how much does it cost? Read on for the answers to these questions and more.

The agreement specifies the types of TN visa jobs and occupations that visa holders are allowed to engage in. There are around 63 occupations for which Canadians and Mexicans qualify to work on. These include lawyers, scientists, engineers, teachers, etc.

There is a broad range of professions that are covered by the TN visa. These include economists, foresters, hotel managers, and dietitians to name a few. You’ll need to show proof of education, qualification, or membership of a professional group to qualify.

Both the TN visas and H-1B visas can be great options for work authorization in the U.S..

Under the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the TN visa category allows citizens of Canada and Mexico to temporarily work in the United States in a number of designated professions. TN visas for Canadians were introduced as part of the NAFTA agreement, which was signed in 1994.

The TN nonimmigrant status allows professionals from Canada and Mexico to work in the U.S. Mexican professionals must obtain a TN visa at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy to enter the U.S. Canadian professionals can request TN status at a U.S. port of entry.

The TN visa can be an excellent option for nationals of Canada or Mexico who want to work in the United States. To qualify, the applicant must have an offer of employment from a U.S. employer to work in a listed profession, and the applicant must be qualified to work in that profession.

Despite the TN Visa being employer-specific, holders are permitted to work for several employers at the same time. Each employment requires a separate TN Visa. It’s essential to remember that you should secure approval before commencing work for a new TN Visa employer.

Most TN visa holders are employees, but it is possible to be working on a 1099 basis. One category of TN professionals that often work as independent contractors are management consultants.

The TN visa allows Canadian and Mexican citizens, as NAFTA professionals, to work in prearranged business activities in the U.S. for U.S. or foreign employers. Only temporary entry into the U.S. is granted with this visa specifically for designated business activities.

The NAFTA TN visa classification, which is available exclusively to Canadian and Mexican Citizens, not only allows TN visa holders to work in the U.S. in a variety of professional occupations, but also allows them to work for multiple employers in the U.S. simultaneously.

With a TN visa, you can work in a profession listed on the TN Occupation List. You must meet the education and experience requirements of that profession. The TN gives you up to 3 years of status in the United States, and can be extended over and over with no limit.

Citizens of USMCA countries (formerly NAFTA) can temporarily work in the U.S. by holding a TN visa. While the name of the agreement changed, the TN status requirements and process are the same for Mexican and Canadian citizens.

Yes, it is possible to work remotely under the TN status from Canada but the question applies under what scenario does it make sense to get the TN status while working for US based companies. Do you really need TN status to work remotely for US employer?

Only Mexican and Canadian citizens are eligible for a TN visa, and you must have a job offer in the U.S. in an employment field that is on the approved Nafta list. If approved for a TN visa you can stay and work in the U.S. for up to 3 years, and your wages are subject to US taxes.

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