The Magnetic Power: Unveiling the Alluring Traits That Captivate Narcissists

Narcissists are typically attracted to women who exhibit qualities such as low self-esteem, empathy and a willingness to constantly cater to their needs. They thrive on controlling and manipulating their partners, so individuals who lack boundaries or have a tendency to be submissive are often targeted.

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Narcissists are often drawn to a specific type of woman who possesses certain characteristics and traits that appeal to their manipulative and controlling nature. These individuals thrive on power and attention, seeking out partners who fulfill their needs and provide a sense of validation. While it is important to note that not all individuals who exhibit these qualities will attract narcissists, there are some common characteristics that tend to make a woman more susceptible to their advances.

  1. Low self-esteem: Women who have low self-esteem are often more vulnerable to the charms of narcissists. Their lack of self-confidence makes them dependent on the validation and approval that narcissists initially provide. This creates a dynamic where the narcissist can easily exploit their insecurities and manipulate the relationship to their advantage.

  2. Empathy and compassion: Narcissists are attracted to individuals who are highly empathetic and compassionate. They see these qualities as an opportunity to exploit the woman’s kindness and emotional support. The ability to empathize and understand the narcissist’s needs provides a sense of control and emotional power for them.

  3. Boundary issues: Women who struggle to establish and maintain healthy boundaries become easy targets for narcissists. These individuals often lack the assertiveness necessary to protect themselves from manipulation and control. Narcissists thrive on pushing boundaries and engulfing their partners, which is why they are drawn to those who struggle with setting personal limits.

  4. Submissiveness: Narcissists seek out women who have a tendency to be submissive. This submissive nature allows the narcissist to exert control and dominance in the relationship. They enjoy being in a position of power, and submissive partners fuel their egotistical desires.

  5. Need for validation: Narcissists are attracted to women who have a strong need for external validation. They prey on this need by initially showering their partners with affection, attention, and praise. By fulfilling this desire for validation, narcissists gain a sense of power and control over their partners.

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“Once a charming prince turns into a demanding narcissist, he won’t hesitate to prey upon the very qualities in his partner that initially attracted him.” – Dr. Ramani Durvasula

Interesting facts:

  • Narcissists often engage in a cycle of idealization, devaluation, and discard with their partners. They initially put their partner on a pedestal, then gradually devalue and criticize them, and ultimately discard them when the partner no longer serves their needs.
  • Women with narcissistic tendencies themselves may also be attractive to narcissistic partners, as they feed into each other’s ego and desire for constant validation.
  • Narcissists are highly skilled manipulators and often use gaslighting techniques to make their partners doubt their own perceptions and reality.
  • Women who have experienced trauma or have a history of abusive relationships may be more prone to attracting narcissists, as their vulnerabilities make them appealing targets for manipulation.


Narcissist’s Traits Woman’s Characteristics
Controlling and manipulating Low self-esteem
Thrives on power and dominance Empathy and compassion
Exploits lack of boundaries Boundary issues
Desires submissive partners Tendency to be submissive
Seeks validation from others Need for external validation

Overall, it is crucial to understand that the attraction between narcissists and certain types of women is a complex phenomenon influenced by various psychological factors. Recognizing these patterns can help individuals protect themselves from potentially harmful relationships and seek healthier connections based on mutual respect and genuine emotional support.

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In this video, Dr. Romani explores the concept of being a “narcissist magnet” and how certain vulnerability factors can make individuals more prone to attracting narcissistic relationships. The goal is not to blame individuals, but to help them understand these vulnerabilities and foster healthier aspects of themselves. By reflecting on personal qualities and being aware of potential magnetic traits, individuals can protect themselves and make informed choices in all areas of their lives. The video encourages viewers to appreciate their positive traits and not give them away to undeserving individuals, while providing an opportunity for learning and growth.

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