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Yes, it is possible to hold multiple visas simultaneously in Australia. However, it is important to ensure that the conditions and requirements of both visas are met and that relevant visas are obtained through proper channels and processes.

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Yes, it is possible to hold multiple visas simultaneously in Australia. Having more than one visa allows individuals to meet different immigration requirements or fulfill various purposes of travel. However, it is important to understand the specific conditions and requirements of each visa and ensure compliance with the regulations associated with them.

It is advisable to obtain multiple visas through proper channels and follow the correct application processes. Each visa will have its own criteria, including eligibility requirements, application fees, and supporting documentation. Seeking professional advice or assistance from a registered migration agent can further ensure adherence to the relevant visa regulations.

One interesting fact about holding multiple visas in Australia is that it can provide greater flexibility and opportunities for individuals to explore different aspects of the country. For example, someone may hold a student visa to pursue education in Australia while also holding a tourist visa to travel and experience the country during vacation periods.

To illustrate the various types of visas that can be held simultaneously in Australia, here is a table showcasing a few common visa categories and purposes:

Visa Category Purpose
Student Visa Pursuing education and obtaining qualifications
Tourist Visa Engaging in tourism and short-term visits
Work Visa Working and gaining professional experience
Partner Visa Joining a partner/spouse who is an Australian resident
Business Visa Engaging in business and investment activities
Skilled Visa Migrating to Australia based on skills and qualifications
Working Holiday Visa Combining work and travel experiences for eligible individuals
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In conclusion, holding multiple visas simultaneously is indeed possible in Australia. However, to ensure compliance with each visa’s conditions and requirements, it is important to obtain them through proper channels, adhere to the relevant regulations, and consult with experts if necessary.

As Albert Einstein once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Holding multiple visas enables individuals to explore different chapters and gain a broader perspective by experiencing the diverse opportunities Australia has to offer.

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In this YouTube video, Martin Salvo breaks down the second stage permanent partner visa application process for those applying in Australia. He explains that couples are applying for both a temporary and a permanent visa simultaneously, and discusses the different visa subclasses and processing times. Martin also explains the circumstances under which couples may be eligible for both stages of the visa at the same time, bypassing the temporary visa period. He provides a clear overview of the application process and offers tips and suggestions for those preparing for the permanent partner visa application.

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Risk of applying 2 Visas Unless you have been awarded a Maritime Crew Subclass 988 visa, which is permitted to coexist with other substantive visas under section 82(2AA) of the general skilled Migration Act, you can typically only hold 1 visa at a time.

If you need visas to enter Australia, then you need two separate visas to hold two different visas for Australia. While there are some reciprocal agreements for some citizens, for foreigners, Australia and New Zealand are not the same country, and you’ll definitely consider them separate. According to the Migration Act 1958, a person is not allowed to hold two substantive visas at the same time. If you want to apply for another visa when you are in Australia, you should apply before your visa expires.

However, assuming you need visas, then yes, you need two separate visas. They are not the same country, and while there are some reciprocal agreements for some citizens (I’m a NZer and can work visa-free in Australia), for foreigners you’ll definitely consider them separate.

Many RMAs commonly say that the law does not allow a person to hold 2 substantive visas at the same time. One of the reasons would be s 82 of the Migration Act 1958.

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  • Overview If you want to apply for another visa when you are in Australia you should apply before your visa expires.
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