Behind Jackie Chan’s Intense Thriller: Discover Who Directed ‘The Foreigner’

The Foreigner was directed by Martin Campbell.

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The Foreigner, a 2017 action thriller film, was directed by Martin Campbell. Campbell is a renowned British film and television director, best known for his work in the James Bond franchise. He has brought his expertise to several successful action films, and The Foreigner is no exception.

In this gripping movie, Martin Campbell skillfully brings to life the story of Quan Ngoc Minh, a humble businessman played by Jackie Chan, who seeks revenge after his daughter is killed in a terrorist attack. Campbell’s directorial style shines through as he maintains a perfect balance between heart-pounding action sequences and thought-provoking drama.

One interesting fact about The Foreigner is that it is based on the 1992 novel “The Chinaman” by Stephen Leather. Adapting a novel into a film can be a challenging task, but Campbell succeeded in translating the book’s intricate plot and complex characters onto the big screen.

Furthermore, Campbell’s choice to cast Jackie Chan in the lead role added an exciting dimension to the film. Chan, widely known for his incredible martial arts skills and charismatic on-screen presence, perfectly embodies the determined and vengeful character of Quan Ngoc Minh. The movie features his iconic action sequences, with Campbell effectively capturing the intensity and power of Chan’s martial arts prowess.

In the words of filmmaker Christopher Nolan, “Campbell’s films have that combination of energy and storytelling verve, along with a real sense of what an audience wants to see.” This quote highlights Campbell’s ability to captivate viewers and deliver an enthralling cinematic experience.

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To emphasize the key details discussed above, here is a table summarizing the information:

Film Title Director Main Actor Source Material Notable Quote
The Foreigner Martin Campbell Jackie Chan “The Chinaman” by Stephen Leather “Campbell’s films have that combination of energy and storytelling verve, along with a real sense of what an audience wants to see.” – Christopher Nolan

Overall, Martin Campbell’s direction of The Foreigner showcases his talent for crafting thrilling action films, and his collaboration with Jackie Chan brings a unique and captivating dynamic to the story.

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Jackie Chan discusses his excitement about accepting the script for “The Foreigner” and taking on a different kind of role in Hollywood. He believes it’s a big challenge that will scare the audience and show them a different side of him as an actor. Despite the physical toll it takes on his body, he still prefers doing his own stunts, as he believes in using real action instead of relying on technology. Chan also opens up about the emotional acting in the film and the challenges he faced due to English not being his first language. He had to listen carefully to understand the dialogue and bring the character to life, which sometimes brought genuine tears to his eyes.

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It is interesting: The Foreigner is the reinvigorated push the second half of Jackie Chan’s career needed to prove he still has something to offer for fans old and new. The Foreigner does for Jackie Chan what JCVD did for Jean Claude Van Damme and what Taken did for Liam Neeson.
Topic fact: The Foreigner amounts to an above-average but largely by-the-numbers action movie in which Chan does battle with generic thugs and shadowy political forces. Now that’s a kick in the head: A Western filmmaker is taking Jackie Chan seriously. The Foreigner, however, takes him a little too seriously.
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