Unlocking Opportunities: Exploring Work Options for Tourists in Colombia

No, a tourist cannot work in Colombia. Tourists are not authorized to engage in any form of employment or earn income while visiting the country.

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A tourist in Colombia is not authorized to work in the country, as employment is restricted to Colombian citizens and those with a valid work visa or permit. Engaging in any form of employment or earning income while visiting Colombia on a tourist visa is prohibited by law. The primary purpose of a tourist visa is for individuals to explore the country, experience its culture, and enjoy leisure activities.

Colombia has specific visa categories for individuals who wish to work or engage in business activities within the country. These visas require a different application process and specific documentation. It is important for foreigners to obtain the appropriate visa or work permit before engaging in any employment activities in Colombia.

Quoting the official Colombian Migration Authority (Migración Colombia) website: “A tourist visa does not allow its holder to develop any remunerative activities within the national territory, nor to receive money for any concept that generates national income. All activities related to work in the country are considered illegal if carried out by a foreigner in an irregular situation.”

Here are some interesting facts about working in Colombia:

  1. Colombian labor laws protect workers’ rights, including minimum wage, maximum working hours, vacation time, and social security benefits.
  2. Colombia has a growing economy, and various sectors offer employment opportunities for both local and foreign workers.
  3. The government has been implementing measures to promote foreign investment and improve the ease of doing business in Colombia, creating more job opportunities.
  4. Certain professions may have specific requirements or regulations for foreign individuals seeking employment, such as the need for professional accreditation or licenses.
  5. The government encourages foreign investors to contribute to the country’s economic development but emphasizes the importance of following proper legal procedures.
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Please note that the information provided here is based on general knowledge and may not reflect the most recent updates or changes in immigration and labor laws. It is recommended to consult official sources or seek legal advice to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.


Can Tourists Work in Colombia?

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In this section of the video, the speaker discusses the challenges and disadvantages of working in Colombia as a foreigner. He points out that the Colombian peso is losing value, making it less beneficial for foreigners to earn Colombian pesos. He also highlights the intense work culture in Colombia, with long hours and little compensation for overtime. Furthermore, he mentions that foreigners may struggle to adapt to the local lifestyle and find it difficult to make ends meet on a low salary. Instead, the speaker suggests that foreigners focus on finding remote online jobs that pay in their home currency. He mentions customer service jobs as a popular option and recommends looking for companies that offer a base salary rather than relying solely on commissions. The speaker also emphasizes the advantage of living in Colombia or similar countries where the US dollar holds more value. He encourages viewers to prioritize finding remote work before moving to Colombia and offers to make more videos on working online and moving abroad if there is interest.

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Foreign nationals who engage in any work activities in Colombia should obtain a “visa de trabajo”, TP-4 Visa. The TP-4 Visa serves as an entry visa as well as a work permit.

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